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DHI at Daily Record

22 Oct 2016

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Eyeing a bushy brow? Longing for that hipster beard? How you can transform your failing follicles to embrace the new trends

George Kottaridis clinic director at hair restoration specialists DHI Scotland reveals how to achieve fuller growth.

cara delevigne

More Scots are going under the knife to achieve Cara's famous brows


FROM Cara Delevingne’s magnificent eyebrows to the bearded hipsters populating your local coffee shop, it’s clear to see that facial hair is having a moment.

Tweezers languish at the back of bathroom cabinets and razors are relegated to the bin, as the popularity of neat, groomed and full hair continues to grow.

And according to a leading hair restoration clinic, even the follicly challenged among us don’t have to miss out on getting the look de jour.

Developed from the same technique used to restore hair growth on the head – as seen on the likes of Wayne Rooney, Leigh Griffiths and Phil Tufnell – you can now give your eyebrows, beard and even chest hair a new lease of life, thanks to hair donated from other areas of the body.

George Kottaridis is the clinic director at DHI Scotland, global hair restoration specialists who have clinics in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and he has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of patients keen to get a fuller set of brows.


Before and after: Great results can be achieved with eyebrow restoration


He explained: “We’ve been doing hair restoration for several different areas of the body for many years.

“But now more and more people are looking to have their eyebrows done – especially women. We’ve seen an increase of 25 per cent over the last three years alone.”

He added: “Eyebrow and beard restoration is a very fine technique, which requires different tools [to transplanting on the head].

“We extract hair from the back of the head one by one with very small instruments – smaller than any other clinic around the world. Then we implant the donor hairs into the area where the patient wants to increase the density, again one by one.

Former cricketer Phil Tufnell went to DHI for hair restoration treatment


“It’s a pretty simple, yet sophisticated process performed under local anesthetic, and depending on the type of procedure and case it can take from two to six hours.”

Although there has to be a suitable and healthy area to harvest donation hair, success rates for the treatment are high, with George confidently stating after 200,000 procedures, “treatment works in literally every case”.

And while the trend for bushy brows may get the chop with time, hair restoration is a way that people can ensure their confidence doesn’t fade.

George said: “Hair loss definitely affects people’s confidence and we also have research that has shown that it also affects work opportunities.


Before and after: Beard restoration is also becoming increasingly popular

“But in the last five years more and more celebrities and well known people are not only getting hair restoration but they are also not afraid to talk about it. With Wayne Rooney, Phil Tufnell and even Celtic players talking about the treatment the word is getting out there.

He added: “If someone thinks that hair restoration might not be suitable for them, the best thing to do is to arrange a diagnosis appointment. And if someone is reluctant, the best thing to do is to speak with patients who have had the procedure and can talk about its success.”


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