Ian West

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Case Ian West

winner of free hair transplant

Ian West won the Free DHI Session offered by DHI Scotland.

Ian is a Choreographer at The Full Monty he is 40 years old and lives in Glasgow. The free session took place on Friday 24th of June in our VIP Clinic in Glasgow.

After being informed of the result, Mr West visited the clinic where, with a big smile on his face, he met the Clinic Manager Mr Alex Kottaridis and said...

‘’After much research and a personal recommendation by a good friend, It is clear to me that DHI are the best in the business who I can completely trust to restore my hair to its former glory.

You can only imagine my delight to find out I was the winner of the DHI competition, receiving the amazing prize of a free session. It really is a dream come true.

I’m so excited to have the session and can’t wait to see the end results. It will feel great to finally be able to style my hair the way I want rather than being stuck with the one I have.’’ 


The Session Day


"I had another consultation with DHI on the morning of my treatment to ensure I was happy with what we had discussed in previous consultations. Once I was prepped (my hair was shaved off to a grade-1) my new hair line was created and drawn on, I was able to give my feedback to ensure I was happy with it.

I was a little nervous but excited before heading in to have my donor hair extracted and ready for the transplant, but I can honestly say I did not feel a single thing. I lay face down and was very relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Once the donor hair had been extracted, we stopped and had a 30 minute lunch break which was lovely.

After lunch I was able to lie on my back and watch TV for the rest of the procedure, which once again was painless and very comfortable as they transferred the donor hair to its new location. Once the doctors had finished with the direct hair transplant I was bandaged up and ready to head home. Surprisingly still in no pain at all." 



client testimonial





The next day of the Session


"The morning after my treatment I returned to the DHI Glasgow clinic to have my bandages removed.

I was truly amazed and delighted, and surprised at how little swelling or discomfort I had. I could not have been happier.

During this consultation I was educated on after care and was shown how to keep my scalp clean and what to expect over the next few weeks/months as my new hairline start to grow."


10 Days after the DHI Session


"Over the next 10 days I could see my new hair grow and blend with my old hairline sooner than I had expected.

My scalp was still a little red but was healing nicely and the donor area at back of my head was now hardly noticeable. I was very carefully and stuck to my after care routine of spaying my head to keep it moist.

After the first 10 days of having my direct hair transplant I headed back to DHI Glasgow for a few more photos to document the truly amazing results."


3 Months after the DHI Session


"After 3 months my hair had grown so fast that I had a full new natural hairline which was incredible.

For the first time in years I was able to have my hair cut in a style I wanted, rather than one that hid my old receding hairline. Even my hairdresser couldn’t believe how natural the transplant was. The new hair flows with my old hair seamlessly and you would never know I have had a direct hair transplant.

Even after only 3 months I was so happy and confident with my new hair; it truly was amazing and exceeded all my expectations."


6 Months after the DHI Session


"It has been 6 months now and my hair is still getting thicker and thicker and I still have more new hair coming through. I have now had 2 haircuts and I love being able to style my hair in so many different ways. I currently have a 0 grade fade blend hair cut at the back and sides and it is impossible to see where the hair donor area was, even up close. I have no swelling and all redness has gone from the transplant area and my transplant hair is growing at the same speed as the rest of my hair. The hair direction and flow is completely natural to look at and feel. Thank you DHI Glasgow"



9 Months after the DHI Session


"I can honestly say no one is more surprised at how natural my hair looks 9 months after my DHI treatment. I have so much more confidence than before.

I have had very positive feedback from friends and colleagues, and with such natural results, most people just presume I have always had a full head of thick hair.

Now at the 9 month mark I have full coverage and my hairline is dense with a natural flow. I am at last able to have a variety of hairstyles including some old favourites I’ve not been able to have for many years.

I could not be happier or more grateful to DHI."


Final Result


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