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DHI Direct Hair Implantation
The simplest most advanced hair transplant yet

Why DHI ?

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Hair Implantation: FUE or ... DHI?

The DHI Method is an evolution of the "traditional" FUE. Unlike FUE, which does not benefit from any standardization, DHI follows a rigorous and strict protocol aimed at respecting the scalp and the hair follicles to guarantee a dense, natural result, without any visible mark.

DHI: Specializing in hair implantation

DHI Thessaloniki is a member of the DHI Global Medical Group specialized in hair restoration since 1970. Our doctors and nurses are specially trained by the London Hair Restoration Training Academy through strict educational protocols and SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures).



At DHI Thessaloniki we have an orderly system for treating hair loss and alopecia problems, for both women and men, even if the case is at an advanced stage.

Our Vision And Treatment Philosophy
The DHI Academy is the world’s first full time training institution for hair restoration
World renowned Experts, University Professors and Medical Specialists
The exact cost depends on the needs and the expectations of the patient.

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Media worldwide are praising the Greek government on its handling of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, as it remains among the few countries in the world with low infection and death rates.


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